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Ideas For Successful Fundraisers

Ideas For Successful Fundraisers

Ideas For Successful Fundriasers

SELL SPONSORSHIPs. Have local businesses sponsor a casino table, thereby lowering your direct costs and increasing your profits. Place a tabletop placard on each sponsored table acknowledging the business and even offering a brochure or coupon. This is a great way for local companies to both advertise and show their support for your organization. (PA, NJ, DE). 

OFFER NAMING RIGHTS TO YOUR CASINO. In addition to table sponsors, getting an overall naming sponsor for your event or casino can not only offset costs but also raise significant funds for your organization. Usually naming rights come with displays of sponsor name/logo at the casino, in any program book, advertising or web based promotions. Offering a display table, step and repeat banner as well as complimentary tickets can help make your offer more attractive. (PA, NJ, DE). 

PRE-SELL TICKETS AND PACKAGES. Pre-sell special casino night packages. Offer a fixed price for cocktails, dinner and a set number of free casino chips to start off the evening. Guests can get more chips for a donation to the organization, but start off the night with something in hand! (NJ, DE)

OFFER DONATION TIERS. With your guests initial ticket purchase to attend the event, you can offer additional donation tiers in exchange for additional chip packages. (NJ, DE)

ADD SILENT OR LIVE AUCTIONS. Auctions capitalize on the many players you have on-site already participating in your event. Silent auctions are a passive addition to casino fundraisers while live auctions are much more active. Silent auctions are less intrusive but live auctions tend to bring in more money per item. Either way you generate more revenue at your event. (check with local state laws first)

OFFER VIP GAMING. For a higher initial ticket amount (donation), offer admittance to a special high rollers VIP table where the limits to play are raised and the stakes and payouts are higher. Anyone can join in the play in this special section for the right amount! (DE, NJ)