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Party With A Purpose

party with a purpose

As the holidays wind down and the New Year begins,  it is also a time when the office blues can set in as workers gaze out their windows at the sun with thoughts of vacations and trips they are missing out on from their cloistered cubicles.  Perhaps, it is time to boost employee morale!

While the usual company impromptu gatherings have served a purpose in the past, they have become too cumbersome and expensive in today’s world of overworked, overstressed employees and executives.  However, company-wide events still have their place when they have meaning, build community and offer marketing opportunities.

The solution, events with a purpose!  Planning an event which builds your team effort while supporting a charity or cause can have a huge impact on employee morale and your bottom line!

Such charitable events have an added benefit, they provide networking and marketing opportunities while also increasing the business’s presence in the community. Encouraging employee participation becomes effortless as each person feels as though they are helping to make a difference.

To be most effective, a business must first choose the right cause or charity to support. They key is to find a charity that is relevant to the company’s own mission statement. The cause should also be relevant to the community in which the business has a presence to have a greater impact.

The planning of your charitable event can be made seamless and effortless by using such turnkey operations as Philly Casino Parties.  Once you have selected a venue (on site or off site), they will provide everything that is needed to raise funds for your charity while offering employee team building and opportunities for networking.  They provide a full range of gaming tables with professional dealers, all the accessories and a coordinator to walk you through every step of the way.  Fully licensed and insured in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, the staff at Philly Casino Parties have over a thirty-year history of being experts in raising charitable funds, building community, developing teamwork, providing networking opportunities and creating fun and exciting events that have become annual giving traditions for many companies in the region.

Bottom line, through charitable events, a business can increase its local visibility while also improving employee morale. In the process, businesses can also increase worker retention, which can save thousands of dollars each year. Local charitable organizations will likely be more than happy to work with any business, small or large, interested in sponsoring an event and promoting their cause.