Poker Nights

If you’re going to host a home poker game, you might as well go “all-in” and impress your guests. Poker nights are not just for men only anymore! Women’s Only poker nights have also been gaining popularity as well as Couples Nights.

Delaware Casino Parties will work with you to provide the ultimate home party, supplying professional tables, dealers and all accessories needed. Each poker table seats up to 9 players and our dealer. We can accommodate small functions with only one table, up to  full tournaments with as many tables as needed.  Your cost for up to four hours of play is $350 per table, all inclusive. (we do not provide chair rentals, so you need to provide or rent 10 standard folding chairs per table ordered).

We will be more than happy to provide poker lessons to the novice player or practice rounds to allow the more experienced to hone their skills. This way everyone can join in the fun!

Just keep in mind, that while a private function, you still may not play with cash or for cash prizes in any of the states that we operate in. So if you are ready to create your ultimate night of poker fun, click below…